Roderick 'Rudy' Bankston

In March 2015, after serving twenty years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Rudy reclaimed his life and hasn’t stopped moving forward.


Rudy’s passion is centered on Restoratve Justice through n antiracist lens.

Rudy’s new life took him to Madison Metropolitan School District where he served as a district Restorative Justice Coach. He was a key person in the development of the district's expulsion abeyance programs and worked as community liaison for the Memorial High School Peace Room.

Rudy knows and deeply feels that understanding is liberation. His passion is to  serve people by guiding the discovery of their own pride, self-respect and sense of worth, especially those that are struggling with doubt, insecurity, and many forms of trauma and pain.


Rudy has partnered with the National Equity Project to co-plan and co-facilitate their Institute. He has served as an equity fellow for the Madison Metropolitan School District, and is part of the district's Core Mindfulness Team. Rudy currently serves on the board of the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (NACRI) and is a member of the Black Educator's Network. He was on the planning committee for the Statewide Racial Justice Symposium.

Rudy is a prolific writer and speaker his books are available under the Books tab.

Roderick 'Rudy' Bankston,

Founder and President