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Specific to Schools

Rudy consults with schools throughout Dane County, including Madison Metropolitan School District, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, Stoughton and Deforest School Districts.


  • Developing progressive and restorative discipline policy and practices

  • Creating tiered practices within a progressive and restorative approach

  • Creating alternatives to exclusionary discipline

  • Dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline

  • Shifting adult mindsets: Beliefs, values, and action

  • Developing curricular resources to include multicultural and multiracial identities and histories

  • Using Circles in the classroom to support the following:

    • Learning concepts and skills

    • Supporting ways of working

    • Promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding

    • Responding to harm and wrong-doing

    • Restoring well-being following critical incidents, including racism and discrimination

  • Using Circles for specific meeting processes (e.g., staff meetings, re-entry from suspension, re-engagement from long-term absence, IEP meeting, parent-teacher conferences, etc.)

  • Promoting self care and secondary trauma strategies for staff

  • Leading mindfulness practice

  • Developing groups

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