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Teaching and Presentation

The presentations listed here are examples of a variety of topic areas. Others are available and all may be tailored to your needs. Please feel free to contact Rudy to discuss your ideas and the vision for your group.

The Criminalization of Students of Color

The School to Prison Pipeline: How, Why, and What We Can Do to Stop It

Hope for Our Children: Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline with Restorative Justice Practices
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Restoring Relationship through Intentional Community-building

Circle Up: Team Building, Conflict Resolution, and Repair

Build Strong, Positive, Relationships with Restorative Practices
Tackling the Discomfort of Disrupting and Dismantling Entrenched Systems
Diving Deep: Moving from Diversity to Equity

None of Us is Free Until All of Us Are Free

Voice in the Face of Oppression

Turning Safe Spaces into Brave Spaces

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