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Justice.  Community.  Culture.

i am WE is committed to disrupting and dismantling the barriers and biases that prevent people from seeing each other's full humanity.

We do this because we have no other choice.

We believe this because it is our only hope.

We work for this from a place of deep commitment and love.

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We offer education and training that enriches and redefines the common understandings of history and current beliefs about culture, race, and systems.

If we name it, we can tame it.

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Our work moves people from knowledge to the internalization of new ways of thinking, imagining, and being. This is a lifelong process that begins with small steps grounded in new understanding in the mind and heart.

With awareness, reality shifts

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Mindset shifts will lead to change when our thoughts  become action. We can help you  and your organization navigate changes that offer the best results and positive outcomes.

Thoughts become actions


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