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Buried Alive: poetry born of a life sentence

Buried Alive: poetry born of a life sentence


what does a 22 year-old manchild
on his 3rd calendar in bondage
braving a life bid
buried alive
do with his time & his traumas?
he writes his damn heart out
in hopes that it will bounce back whole
at the very least
strengthen into healing the broken pieces
that he’s able to salvage from the breakage...

Journey with Rudy as he writes his way through two decades of captivity, starting inside the suffocation of his early years, to his coming into consciousness as a Black man and grappling with what led him to a plight that he refused to accept as his destiny. In the crucible of what he’s termed “the bottom of existence,” he fought to maintain his sanity, sustain hope  and regain his freedom.


You'll also get a preview of a second volume of poetry, which explores existence since his release as he picks up the pieces of his life.

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