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Framed Poetry


young people act out

when they do not feel sacred

who is blessing them?

13.5" x 16"



you are much more

than a beautiful outside

you are all of you

8" x 10"



journeying inward
i close my mind to follow
the lead of my heart

8" x 10"


Sticks and Stones

we are as simple 
as our skill at suppressing
our complexity

we are too hidden
behind the expectations
that others feed us

programmed conformists
our contradictions scare us
into denial

close your eyes and look
in the mirror of being
tell me what you see

imagine being
all of you...down to the bone
sticks and stones tested


9.5" x 12"


8" x 10"



your gravity, Black Woman
please keep us grounded

exceed your orbit
 feed this famished path so life
won’t be so barren

penetrate the bleak
portal of our brain damage
go deep, smack a nerve

keep babbling, Dear Queen
‘til we quit acting tone-deaf
bust up our eardrums

your virgin truth is
immaculate conception
pregnant with promise


first off let me say
hello beautiful morning
so glad to see you

i truly feel that
the quicksand we’re standing on
will not sink our bond

this thing between us
rebels against gravity
we walk on water

next off let me say
hello beautiful future
i believe in you


7" x 14"


7" x 14"


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